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​After years of working with music legends and blessed to have Stevie Wonder as a mentor, guitarist Showboat (aka Adell Shavers) now steps out front on his own. His fascinating new debut album entitled “SOUL SCHOOL Vol. 1”, is the beginning of a voyage into the different types of R&B and Jazz which will feature old school artists as well as new and upcoming artists in a unique nine song collection.

Showboat feels an obligation to pass on his knowledge starting with the debut album. It’s an intimate album about love. He shows in simple detail the use of sound technology and song structure to inspire the next generation of new songwriters. Starting off with “Catherine Thinking”, a song dedicated to the memory of his Mother with Dave McMurray on sax is a wonderful song to chill and reflect to. Then there’s Kimberly Brewer’s scorching “Dusk Till Dawn” that oozes with sensuality. Another stand out song is “If Love Rules Your Heart” that was recorded in French because it’s the language of love that’s sung by Jessica Vautor. Check out this funky tune “We Can Be Lovers” and try not to gently rock by Donald Ray Mitchell. And lastly, one final tip, “Whisper” is a great song co-written by Melody McCully that stirs up passion in your love life featuring vocalist Gloria Ridgway with trumpeter Rayse Biggs.

I’ve heard the album…I suggest you find some time to sit back and enjoy this one,


Liner Notes by:

Don Tracy, World-Wide Radio and Television Personality


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