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Soul School Vol 1.

"You are opening up a book that is a collection of songs influenced by my upbringing in Detroit. It’s the evolution of the Motown Sound. As you know, there are different types of R&B. This is a glimpse of mine.


The groups that influenced me were Rock of Sly Stone,   Jazz groups like Herbie Hancock, George Benson, the Soul and mentorship of Stevie Wonder, The Queen Aretha Franklin, the Gospel of Rev. Claude Jeter, the modern Gospel of J. Moss, Angelo Bond, William Weatherspoon, Norman Whitfield, and E.L. Johnson, and Maxine Bond. These are just a few of the artists who inspired the songs in the Soul School series. 


I call it “Detroit Soul.” 


I call upon my brothers to join me on this journey. Dave McMurray, Jervonny Collier, Leroy Hyter, Harry Bowens, Donald Ray Mitchell, David Myles, Arthur "Buster" Marbury, Ron Otis, Rayse Biggs, Ricky Rouse, Ray Parker Jr., Greg "GMoe" Moore, Carl "Butch" Small,  Imani Zubeh, and a host of wonderful singers including Beth, Kimberly Brewer, Lynne Fiddmount, Gloria Ridgeway, Sasha Mari, and Jessica "Jeza" Vautor. 


This is music that feeds the Soul. There is something here for everyone.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Catherine Thinking Dedicated to the memory of my Mother. Imagine being led by the ocean watching the sunset or enjoying a long drive. This is  a song you can relax and reflect with… It features Dave McMurray on sax and my neighborhood friend, the late Al McKenzie on piano.


Chapter 2: The Greatest Part of Loving You is that driving beat you can step to. That pulsating bass, those fiery vocals from Beth, and the soaring sax Dave McMurray's. You can't help but dance - you gotta dance.

Chapter 3: Baby Shower personifies what Soul School is about - coming together. It’s about Love. It’s a celebration of Life. ”It’s all About Giving ‘


Chapter 4: Dusk Till Dawn is a sultry song written and sung by Kimberly Brewer. It'll give you the vision of a hot steamy night with sensitive sax solo by Dave McMurray dancing in-between vocals that'll make you beg for more.


Chapter 5: Smile On My Face. What a wonderful way to start the day. Engulfing vocals  surround you as Lynn Fiddmont chimes in with her sensuous voice singing, “Tell somebody how good you make me feel.”


Chapter 6: Honey. They say you don't miss your water until your well runs dry. Harry Bowens tells the story of someone who comes to realize he lost a good thing. Now she’s gone and he has learned his lesson well. Featuring Rayse Biggs on the horns.


Chapter 7: If Love Rules Your Heart.  Jessica Vautor  sings all about love and its all love. Some things are in in French as it’s the language of Love - intertwined with Dave McMurray and Rayse Biggs giving that New Orleans style of soloing.


Chapter 8: Whisper has that Afro-Latin feel with Gloria Ridgeway whispering in your ear and the heated trumpet of Rayse Biggs dancing all through the groove.


Chapter 9: We Could Be Lovers is the story of meeting that person for the first time and feeling that connection.  'We could be more, so much more.' I called on my Midnight Sky brothers, featuring Donald Ray Mitchell, delivering this powerful message.


I hope that Soul School Vol 1 touches you someway.

Detroit Soul

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